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Way Back Wednesdays

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any old photos, but I would like to get back into as the history of the museum is fascinating! This first photo shows the Virginia Travel Council visiting us on October 16, 1953. This is especially relevant as Virginia Tourism paid us a visit just a couple of weeks ago.

On September 3, 1947, a group of children were rewarded for participating in the Library Vacation Reading Plan with a visit to the museum. Clearly the little boy in the front wasn’t too thrilled about the visit, he looks so bored. Haha! The other boy on the left is intensely studying our Robert Hood watercolor, which is a very interesting piece. The letters are created by using people or other aspects of the image.

People have always made great use of our park, including this group of ladies from the Red Cross having a picnic in our rock garden on June 10, 1948.

This picture from 1975 shows our small craft curator, Clifford Hancock (in the center with tie and jacket) looking at a boat with a group of visitors. I can’t tell what they are looking at as it is being blocked by our Rangoon Sampan (currently in storage). Behind the men is our Moliceiro boat from Portual, which can be seen in our International Small Craft Center.

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