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Way Back Wednesdays

I’ve posted a number of model shop images through the years, but these two recently came to my attention as I was doing some research for a descendant of the man pictured, John Bader. The first image is Bader’s personnel photo taken in October 1935. The second is Bader working on the model of El Sud in early 1934. The model is now on display in our Ship Model Gallery. Bader worked in the model shop at least until 1939 as we have images of him up to that point.

This image from July of 1933 shows children looking at the lake through the trees. It seems very peaceful.

When I first saw this I thought it looked familiar, and that’s because it is the chimneys and foundation for the Gambol House, taken August 8, 1934. When the house was surveyed, it was determined that it was more cost effective to take it apart rather than try to save it. To see an image of the house before they began to dismantle, click HERE.

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