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Let Me Condense Things a Bit

The conservation team has been working in the condenser tank for the past 2 weeks. We are midway through our efforts to disassemble the remaining copper alloy components from the main body of the condenser in support of desalination and treatment.

Today, Gary and Elsa were using air scribes and other hand tools to prep the large sea water discharge pipe(s) for removal. I was in my office and got a phone call from the Wet Lab. “Dave, you’ve gotta come see something.” My heart skipped a beat because I was afraid something was wrong. I hopped up from my desk and opened the roll-up door from the upstairs lab and peered into the Wet Lab. I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

Gary and Elsa were whipped up into a frenzy as a result of their successful removal of the sea water discharge pipe(s). To the victors go the spoils! After a few moments, their emotions settled and they assumed a more thoughtful and reverent pose.

Gary and Elsa, with some gasket removal trickery courtesy of Eric and Ralph and research wizardry by Gerry, have made great strides during the past few weeks. Believe it or not, the condenser is starting to look like, well, a condenser! Continue to visit this blog or our webcams (link on the left side of this webpage ) if you want to see more action.

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