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Domnica Cemortan, the "Costa Concordia Blonde," Finally Talks

Domnica Cemortan, the blonde tour representative who some say bears a share of the responsibility for Captain Schettino’s hitting a reef, on Sunday gave a full account of her relationship with Costa Concordia‘s beleaguered skipper. The extensive interview is published in Sunday’s Daily Mail. See the full interview at

While Ms. Cemortan’s flirtation could have been one of many distractions to the captain on the Concordia‘s bridge, this author believes that she cannot in any way be held responsible for Capt. Schettino’s actions and failures to act on Jan. 13. However, the fact of her presence on the bridge during this risky passage so close to Le Scola Point when she was no longer a crew member casts further doubt on Schettino’s professional judgment.

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