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Way Back Wednesdays

Our first image this month shows a group of Russian Scientists getting a tour of the museum in September of 1974. The man second to the left is August Crabtree, who made a number of beautiful models that are currently on display in our galleries, and is showing one of them to the group in the picture. We also have an online exhibition for those who cannot make it to the museum.

Here we have the museum’s six millionth visitor receiving a present from Director William Wilkinson on September 11, 1972. In the background is a painting of Hornet (CV-8), a United States Aircraft Carrier. The painting was done by Thomas C. Skinner, museum artist, ca 1942-1958.

Here we have Museum Director, Admiral Dufek, inspecting our turtle boat model. The model was built 1959-1961 and shows a traditional Korean Turtle Ship, often considered the first “ironclad”. The first known use of ironclad warships was by Korean Admiral Yi, whose “turtle ships” defeated an attempted invasion by a Japanese armada. The iron and copper-plated exteriors had spikes on their hulls to repel boarders. With ports for fifty-two guns plus archers, these formidable vessels played havoc with the enemy.

While not as exciting as some of the other photos, this shows Vice Admiral Holloway, speaker for the propeller club, being interviewed by tv reporters in Admiral Dufek’s office. Who knew there was a propeller club? Not me. I really enjoy seeing the wood paneling in the office as it looks very different these days.

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