The Ministure Ships of Winnifred & August F. Crabtree

The jewel of The Mariners' Museum’s collection is The Miniature Ships of Winnifred and August F. Crabtree, one of its most popular exhibits. From a primitive raft to a Venetian galley decorated with 359 carved figures, these exquisitely detailed miniature ships depict the evolution of boatbuilding in an unparalleled display of craftsmanship by artist and carver August F. Crabtree and his wife Winnifred.



About the Artist
Painters created masterpieces on canvas with palette and brush. August Crabtree created masterpieces in miniature with a block of wood and self-made tools.
Ship Construction
Visitors to The Mariners’ Museum, whether landlubbers, experienced ship modelers, or old salts, are awestruck by the beauty and intricate detail of the Crabtrees’ miniature ships, which relate the story of the evolution of water transport from raft to steam power.
Interactive Games
Trade in your carpentry tools for a mouse in these miniature ship puzzlers. Choose your ship, your sea chantey, and set your course for adventure.
As the English poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “The sea is all about us.” The miniature ships of August and Winnifred Crabtree—the matchless legacy of two uncompromising artists— eloquently tell the story of humankind’s relationship with the sea.