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Foul Weather and Ironclads Don’t Mix Well

I’m sad to say that our 2014 Civil War Lecture Series is winding down.


Our good buddy and ironclad guru, Jay Moore, PhD, will be sending us off in style. Please join us this Saturday, December 13, at 2:30pm in the Explorers Theater at The Mariners’ Museum as Jay presents “The Gale that Sank the Monitor“.

This isn’t your average presentation about the loss of USS Monitor. No sir, nothing average about it. Jay seamlessly combines history, geography, meteorology, the ocean, and our favorite ironclad in a tumultuous mix. I promise you this is not your great-great-great-grandfather’s type of history (even though it actually is).

Additionally, our 2015 Civil War Lecture Series kicks off January 17 at 2:30pm. Start the New Year with Conservator Kate Sullivan as she explores lesser-known Global Current Events in the 1860s and how they influenced the American Civil War. And vice versa.

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