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Erica Deale

Director of Park Department

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  • What Makes a Champion Tree?

    • Mariners' Park

    Did you know Mariners’ Park is home to a national big tree? This tree is the biggest of its kind in the NATION! Right here in Newport News!

  • Elk…in the Park?

    • Mariners' Park
    • Wildlife

    For several years, we had a permitted wildlife sanctuary in the Park! Of the projects from the early years of the Park, our wildlife endeavor was the longest, lasting until almost 1950.

  • Great Plants Create a Great Park

    • Mariners' Park

    Providing a beautiful Park full of diversity was a long-standing goal.

  • From Waters to Mariners’, The Making of a Lake

    • Mariners' Park

    Did you know Virginia has only two natural lakes? The rest are man-made, including our very own Mariners’ Lake! It holds the title as the first, and the oldest, project started on the grounds of The Mariners’ Museum Park.

  • Science in the Field – Measuring Your Soil Acidity

    • Mariners' Park
    • Science

    One of the coolest things about working at The Mariners’ Museum and Park is seeing how science has been, well, a thing, since the very beginning. The fact that we were doing soil pH measurement as early as the 1930’s is something that deserves a little more discussion.

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