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Jennifer Hackney

Senior Material Culture Educator

Latest from Jennifer Hackney

  • Women’s Magic of the Arctic

    • Art
    • Collections
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Women's History

    For most indigenous groups around the world, there are gender-based roles and skills, and these skills are taught by their elders in order to pass on their traditions from generation to generation.

  • A World War II Camp Hill Mystery…

    • Black History
    • Collections
    • Hampton Roads History
    • Military

    Discovering the history of Camp Hill, a staging camp in Newport News for black troops.

  • Money Makes the World Go ‘Round: Ancient Greek Coin

    • Collections
    • Cultural Heritage

    On this coin that is well over 2300 years old, we see a floating galley on the reverse and a curious figure on the obverse. Some records of similar coins from the Phoenician city of Arados label their male figure as Poseidon, or sometimes Zeus, but these are Greek deities.

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