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secession, transfers and a poem

On this day in 1861, Tennessee seceded with a majority vote.

Governor John Letcher of Virginia officially transferred Virginia troops to the Confederacy. While this move put the commander of the Virginia Army out of a job, General Robert E. Lee remained as an advisor to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

This poem, written on June 8, 1861 in Nazareth, PA, was printed in the June 29, 1861 edition of Harper’s Weekly.


COURAGE, Sons of Freedom ! brightly
Still our Flag floats o’er the brave;
Coward hearts hold honor lightly;
Hold the trust, its fame to save!
Strike for the 34!
Country and Home restore!
Strike for the old 13!
Unite their hearts once more!
Hurrah for the old 13!
Tiger for the 34!
Soldiers, up and at their legions
Who our Union would assail,
Brother foes or foreign minions ;
strong must perish—Right prevail!
Stand by the 34!
Bear all your fathers bore.
Stand by the old 13!
proudly midst cannons’ roar,
Charge for the old 13!
Salute the 34!
Patriots, ours to guard the ramparts
Of our proud inheritance !
Equal hearts—forbearance—true hearts,
Still our rock and sure defense!
Equal the 34!
from lake to ocean’s shore;
Equal the old 13!
as thrilled in days of yore!
One cause the old 13;
One heart the 34!
Speed the day when pride, ambition, Party fends, intestine strife—
All shall yield to the fruition Of a new-born civil life !
Glorious the 34! glorious as ne’er before !
Honored the old 13 ! as in the days of yore
Glorious the old 13! Honored the 34!
God of Truth! in gloomiest hour, When all other bulwarks fail,
Thou wilt be our Strength and Tower, ‘Gainst us none can e’er prevail:
Spare us the 34! humbly we Thee implore;
Spare us the old 13! clasped forever more!
God bless the old 13 !
God bless the 34!