Ship Models

The Mariners' Museum's collection of models is truly extraordinary. Included are one of the world's great collections of steamship builders' and boardroom models and the world-renowned creations of preeminent model makers August and Winifred Crabtree. Currently numbering around two thousand pieces; the collection contains models documenting nearly every type of vessel ever constructed. The object range in size and shape from an exquisitely detailed model of a Chinese sampan carved from a small nut to a massive half-model 33' long and 9' high of the Queen Elizabeth constructed for display at the British Pavilion during the New York World's fair of 1930-1940.

Also included in the assemblage are builders' models, half-models, miniature and waterline models, folk art and sailor-made models, patent, engine and models of ship's equipment, tow-tank and experimental models. The collection also includes a wide variety of vessels constructed by native cultures around the world and the highly significant Edwin Tappan collection of native North American canoe models.


Horse-Drawn Steam Fire Engine, 1904
Gibbs & Cox Inc., New York, New York, ca 1951-1957
Gift of Frederic H. Gibbs
M 37

Royal Sovereign
Unidentified maker, England ca 1804
Gift of the Kriegstein Model Collection

Maud Hargreaves, Coastal Rescue Lifeboat, 1878
Unidentified maker, England, ca 1878
MD 19
Bangalore, 1886-1908
Caroll Ray Sawyer, Manchester, New Hampshire, 1940
MD 39

Steamboat Commonwealth
J. Dean Benton, Providence, Rhode Island, ca 1864
MD 77
Marine Walking Beam Engine
Michael Coppola, New Hyde Park, New York, ca 1988-1991
Trein Maersk
Unidentified maker, Denmark, 1962
Gift of Moller Steamship Company
MD 138

Prisoner-of-war model
Unidentified maker, ca 1800
MH 5
Beothuk Canoe
Edwin Tappan Adney, New Brunswick, Canada, 1927
Edwin Tappan Adney Collection
MP 45
Chinese Flower Boat
Unidentified maker, China, 19th century
MP 30
Unidentified maker, Brazil
Gift of Dr. Paulo Furmencio
MP 190
Schooner Yacht America
Attributed to George Steers, New York, New York, ca 1851
Gift of Mrs. Ermina B. Kline, Captain Harry Freeman Martin, Mr. Bray Daniel Martin, and Mrs. Agnes Martin Arnheimer
MR 170


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