Summer Programs

Summer Adventures with a Maritime Twist

There is a lot to do at The Mariners’ Museum during the summer! If you’re looking to bring a group for a day of fun, book one of our daylong summer educational programs! If you would like to visit for a couple of hours, book one of our summer educational programs. Want something exciting for your children to do for the week? Look no further than our summer camps! And, if you want a program once a week, join us at Maritime Mondays!

Take your students on a fieldtrip and leave the work to us! We’ll provide the stories, artifacts, crafts, games and FUN – you provide the kids! They’ll have a blast (and learn something too) during one of The Mariners’ Museum’s summer programs.

Grades: K – 4th

Have you ever met a Chesapeake Bay blue crab? Examine live specimens and learn how important they are in the Chesapeake Bay.

Grades: 5th – 8th

How and why does a ship float? Learn the answer and test your knowledge by designing a hull to hold a special “cargo.”

Grades: Rising K – 6th

Have you ever wondered what lies at the bottom of the ocean floor? Less than 5% of the ocean has been explored, let alone discovered. What mysteries await us in the depths? What creatures can we discover? Join The Mariners’ Museum as we dive beneath the waves in this daylong program filled with experiments and crafts.

Grades: Rising K – 6th

Dive in to the sea and investigate the myths of monsters that have been spoken about by sailors for generations! Explore Scottish music, mask making, map skills and more!

Grades: Rising K – 6th

Spend the day tracing the footsteps of a buccaneer! Stock a ship, lead a gang, hunt for treasure and more!

Grades: Rising 1st – 6th

Investigate passengers’ experience aboard the R.M.S. Titanic, from their entrance aboard to the ship’s demise. Design vintage travel journals and postcards, then explore The Mariners’ Museum while deciphering Titanic’s code!

Grades: Rising K – 4th

How long do you think it would take to travel around the world? Set sail with us and explore the Museum while listening to music, making multi-cultural crafts and uncovering rare artifacts from the world’s continents.


A one hour educational summer program is $9.00 per student. If a craft is included, the cost is $10.00 per student. Most programs include a guided tour of the Museum.

A four to six hour summer educational program is $12.00 – $15.00 per student. The actual cost is based on the number of children participating and the length of your program.

One adult will be admitted free-of-charge for every 5 students to assist with program supervision. Groups can schedule a fieldtrip with a minimum of 10 students or $90.00 and a maximum of 100 students. Program length and activities can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of your group.

Program itineraries include a 30-60 minute lunch period. Students must bring their own lunches; however, picnic tables are available for students to enjoy their meal. Indoor lunch accommodations will be arranged in the event of inclement weather.

For more details or to book a program please contact:

Education Department
(757) 591-7745