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No TV, I'm fine

I recently gave an educational tour to second graders from Stonebridge School in Chesapeake, Va. We are in the International Small Craft Center, and I am explaining to them about the Sampan boat from the Far East. This boat would be used for a water taxi or small cargo, (like a UPS driver) and that the boat was like a houseboat for the family. I explained that the family gathered back in the boat for the evening. I asked them “what did the family do for entertainment? Did they play Scrabble or Apples-to-Apples or watch TV?” They remarked “no TV!” At that point, a bright little boy said ” I DON’T HAVE A TV, AND I AM FINE!” At that moment, I felt like Art Linkletter!

Just another example how being Docent/Educator can be fun and surprising!

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