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Wants his money back! (duh)

The benefits of technology are far reaching, as expressed in an experience with a couple from Hampton, Va. who were visiting the museum for the first time! (can you believe it?) I said, “let me show you the treasure that exists in your own “back yard”. I gave them the usual 3 minute greeting and an overview of the museum via our new innovative slide presentation. Which, if you have not experienced it, is a brief docent manually controlled slide showing several views highlighting features of the galleries of the museum. After I had finished this greeting and slide presentation, the gentleman said “may I get my money back?” With astonishment, I remarked “why would you want that?” He said.”well, I feel like that we have just had a TOUR OF THE MUSEUM”, His request for a refund was in jest, of course. Naturally, I was pleased with the acceptance and reception by this greeting delivery.

Once again, the joys of being a docent continue with each passing day.

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