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One hull of a boat….

A different twist this week: a phone-a-visitor. In conjunction with my volunteering at the Chris-Craft Archives at The Mariners’ Museum library at Christopher Newport University, we receive phone calls from all over the world concerning various Chris-Craft boats. The mode of reference for research and responses to the callers usually hinges on the hull number of the boat as given at the time of construction. This is the basic requirement. I took a call from a gentlemen from New Hampshire who said that he had a hull plate from a Chris-Craft, but that is all! He did not know if the boat still existed, as it may have sunk, wrecked, or just died. At any rate, he wants plans and drawing so that he can build the boat around the hull number, as he is a boat builder and can use CAD (computer aided design) to accomplish this effort. ( 37-foot boat) While we may never know the end of this story, but I can assure you this will be “one hull of a boat”!

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