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Update on the Port Carriage Disassembly

As our last blog mentioned, we made several attempts to remove the carriage wheels last week. And the verdict was… very little or “no” success. These wheels are really, REALLY well embedded in their original location.

We decided to move forward with our plans and started removing the side brackets (wrought iron plates) of the carriage. Once removed, the wheels should be free (according to the blueprints). This involves another 30 bolts to extract per side…

This part of the job was originally planned as a second work phase under the “wood parts removal” (and not in the first part under “copper alloys parts removal”). But so it is and we therefore now need to prepare tanks to receive the iron plates and other wooden parts.

In addition to this preparation, we will take a “carriage break” and try catching up on other projects we left on the side this past month. We should be back working on the port carriage at the end of the month.

Cheers- (I like this word…maybe because it sounds like… cheese! Yum)

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