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It’s Engine Time!

We are gearing up for major activities inside Monitor‘s engine tank! Starting next week, conservators will begin removing thousands of pounds of concreted sediment from the surface of Monitor‘s vibrating side-lever steam engine. Conservators may also attempt small-scale disassembly of specific engine components in support of more thorough desalination and treatment. These activities will occur from November 29 to mid-December, and we will resume again in early Spring 2011. Ericsson’s mighty engine will the primary focus of our attention for the next few months and years!

Museum visitors will have an up-close view of these activities as they occur. For those of you unalbe to travel to The Mariners’ Museum during this time period, please visit our website and this blog for weekly updates and new pictures. Additionally, web visitors can see the engine activities via a webcam positioned above the engine tank ( This will be the first time that the original surfaces of the engine will be exposed since 1862…watch history revealed before your eyes!

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