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Metal 2010 Conference

Conservators from the Monitor Project participated in the ICOM-CC Metal 2010 Conference in Charleston, SC in October. Dave and Eric presented a lecture titled “Disassembly of USS Monitor‘s Complex Mechanical Components”. The lecture focused on the theory, methods, and techniques utilized to disassemble certain artifacts in support of more thorough treatment as well as certain limitations of disassembly. Elsa, Eric, and Ralph also presented a research poster titled “Evaluation of Sodium Nitrite as a Corrosion Inhibitor for USS Monitor Artifacts”. The poster discussed the preliminary results of ongoing research related to the use of sodium nitrite as a neutral pH corrosion inhibitor. We also visited the H.L. Hunley conservation facility in North Charleston and saw the Confederate submarine soaking in a tank of solution. It is an interesting conservation project.

Here are a few low-res pics from my cell phone of beautiful, historic Charleston.

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