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The Monitor’s Engine, Now A Little Less Salty…

During the past five months the Monitor’s engine has been in electrolytic reduction treatment to reduce corrosion and remove chloride salts. Analysis of the sodium hydroxide electrolyte solution has shown that the concentration of chloride in the tank had reached 65 ppm (parts per million), meaning that this amount of salt has been removed from the engine and gone into the solution. This doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that there are 26,271 gallons of solution in the tank! Considering this volume, a concentration of 65 ppm (which equals 65 milligrams per liter) is equivalent to 6.5 kilograms or 14.3 pounds of chloride! Each day, the Monitor’s engine is getting a little less salty- which helps a lot to keep it in good condition for the future!

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