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It’s Almost Turret Time

Beginning July 1 and running through August, the conservation department will focus treatment efforts on Monitor’s 120-ton revolving gun turret. We intend to complete final deconcretion of the interior and exterior of the massive wrought iron structure. The discovery of new artifacts or construction details is a real possibility. We plan on documenting and removing the remains of the wrought iron awning stanchions that originally supported a canvas awning. These stanchions were bent and twisted when the turret flipped upside down during the night of the sinking and provide important archaeological information. At the conclusion of our activities, conservators will install a custom electrolytic reduction setup and then fill the tank with 90,000 gallons of reverse osmosis water and a pH buffer.

The turret tank will be drained during the week and filled on weekends (with the exception of the 4th of July holiday — it will be drained all weekend!). Museum visitors will be able to watch these activities as they occur through large glass viewing windows perched near the turret. Up-to-date information will also be available on our website (, this conservation blog (, and the turret webcam ( Visit us in person or online to stay involved in this historic endeavor.

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