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Save USS Monitor’s Revolving Gun Turret

This is our 100th post, and it’s an important one! The Virginia Collections Initiative in conjunction with the Virginia Association of Museums is once again generating its list of “Virginia’s Top Ten Endangered Artifacts”.

USS Monitor‘s revolving gun turret is on the list of nominees for 2011, and we hope to be selected for the final Top 10 designation. The goal of “Virginia’s Top Ten” is to raise public awareness about care of collections throughout Virginia and D.C.

Please click on the link above and take the time to vote for USS Monitor‘s revovling gun turret today! Once you are on the Top Ten page, you can vote by logging into Google/Picasa, but the easiest way is use the secure voting form on the web page. The website contains other great information and media, including videos related to the nominees. Check out the videos, including two different Monitor clips, by clicking this link:

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