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New Civil War letter

We recently unearthed another Civil War letter in our archives. The letter was written by Charles Pye to Colonel Thomas Millar on October 4, 1862. In the letter, Pye requests that his slave, oxen, and cart be returned to him after they were confiscated by Union cavalry. Pye lived near Port Tobacco, Maryland and his slave was caught transporting supplies to a landing on the Potomac River in an apparent attempt to send them across the river to Confederates in Virginia. A Union cavalry patrol seized Pye’s slave, cart, and oxen. This letter represents Pye’s attempts to have his property returned to him.

Pye’s letter opens up many questions regarding the confiscation of slave property by Union forces. This is especially true considering that Pye lived in Maryland which never seceded from the Union.

This letter is now archival collection MS526, Charles Pye Letter. Be sure to stop by the Library to see this unique and interesting item.

See you at the Library!

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