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Costa Concordia News

Several pieces of news have recently broken relating to the Costa Concordia disaster. Here is a brief summary of the latest news, to help you readers understand the current status of the Costa Concordia.

Divers Discover 5 More Bodies

Last week salvage divers discovered 5 more bodies among the cruise ship’s wreckage, bringing the confirmed death toll of January’s accident to 30. Two passengers are still missing and are presumed dead.

Removal of Costa Concordia’s Fuel Complete

Also last week, salvage crews announced that they had completed the operation to remove the fuel and oil from the cruise liner’s tanks. The vast majority of the fuel has been removed, and salvors say that the small amount remaining poses no environmental threat.

Removal of Costa Concordia Expected to Take One Year

Costa Cruises announced that now that the fuel has been removed, a new stage of the operation can begin. Costa is reviewing bids by six different salvage companies to remove the wreck, and expects to make a decision in mid-April. Once a company has been selected, the full removal of the wreck is expected to take between 10 and 12 months.

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