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No Love for The Love Boat

While I am a bit too young to remember the romantic antics of Captain Stubing and the rest of the crew of the Pacific Princess, for many people a couple generations older than me, the classic ABC romantic sitcom “The Love Boat” provided hours of television entertainment. These people might be saddened to know that the Pacific Princess, the cruise ship that was the model for “The Love Boat” and appeared in the opening credits for the show’s 10-season run, has been sold for scrap to a Turkish company.

From the Library’s collection, the Island Princess is the sister ship of the Pacific Princess. While not as heavily featured, the Island Princess did appear on “The Love Boat” a number of times.

The Pacific Princess was built in 1971, originally named the Sea Venture, and was sold to Princess Cruises in 1974, where it was renamed the Pacific Princess. In addition to portraying weekly comedic and romantic adventures to American television viewers, many credit “The Love Boat” with stimulating American, and international interest in the cruise industry and cruise ship vacations.

The Pacific Princess was sold for 2.5 million Euros ($3.3 million), and will soon be towed to her final resting place in Aliağa, Turkey.

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