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"Welcome aboard!"

Dear readers of the Library blog,

“Welcome aboard!” has been the phrase that I have been hearing from my new colleagues in the library and in the museum. Let me happily introduce myself to you as the newest member of The Mariners’ Museum Library staff! My incredibly short name is Aya Eto and I come to you as a librarian that will be specializing in research and creating a digital home for the collections.

I earned my BA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University, and I must admit that the library field was not a direction that I considered until the end of my undergraduate education. What I knew for sure was that I enjoyed research, I enjoyed history, I enjoyed helping others and I knew I loved books, but what I had to do was find a way to achieve my dream of one day working for a museum. That goal has resulted in being just a short month away from completing my Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and starting out with a career that perfectly embodies all of my interests, skills and experience.

I am not a complete stranger to The Mariners’ Museum Library so it is a bit like coming home since I spent a semester working as an intern this past Spring. I have previously worked for libraries in Chesapeake and Hampton, and I am still attempting to work part-time in the archives of the Trible Library for Christopher Newport University. If you are ever on the CNU campus, you may see me door-hopping between the archives most days. Eventually I will make regular appearances in the library’s reading room, eagerly awaiting your questions, so please stop by and say hello, readers!

Well, it has been a busy first week, but I cannot thank the docents and staff of The Mariners’ Museum enough for their warm welcomes.

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