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Good bye summer.. Hello fall and winter

I know the start of the fall season was a couple of weeks ago, but that last week of 80-90 degree weather just didn’t feel like autumn to me!

It’s now my favorite time of year where I can say goodbye to my sweltering car and the hum of the AC unit so I thought I would say farewell to the heat by sharing some great photographs that will make us miss summer…

Children on grain barge in New York Wisconsin lumberman carrying a canvas covered Photograph by Edwin Levick canoe P0001.009/01/PI10


Fishing boat in the New River in Eggleston, Virginia


For those of you who won’t miss it, here’s a little something to get us in the cold, wintry mood:

Along the beach, Miyazaki, Japan Great Lakes freighter Photograph by Edwin Levinson P0001.018/PR97


Homer Ferguson and wife Snow on South St.

P00011.016/01/PP2624 Photograph by Edwin Levick


There is so much more stunning photography to be seen. Stop by our warm reading room on a cold fall or winter day and enjoy these spectacular works!

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