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A good week

There were two exciting events for the Monitor conservation team this week. The first is that we finished the last of the work that needed to be done in the Tank Farm. It was very satisfying to see the end result of four months of outdoor labor. The six tanks out in the Tank Farm had their contents reorganized, new anodes installed and new solutions prepared. The final step for each tank was to cover it with a tarp.

Our second event came as an opportunity to drive down and visit the conservation laboratory of the Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck Project. The conservators gave us a great tour of their lab where they are treating the artifacts excavated from what is believed to be the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. For those unfamiliar with the Queen Anne’s Revenge, it sank in 1718 and was the flagship of Edward Teach, who was also known as Blackbeard. If you want to learn more about the Queen Anne’s Revenge, you should check out the project’s website, located here.

A tidy Tank Farm with all work complete.
A line of tarp covered tanks.

Have a great weekend. Check back to the blog soon for more updates on lab activities.

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