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Photographs of the Photographers

As we work through the HRPE collection, we see many images of the same subject matter – ships, stacks of crates, military vehicles, etc. – so it is always a pleasant surprise when we come across photos of something different. I recently cataloged a few photographs that show a little behind-the-scenes view of the photographers themselves.

While our collection of HRPE photos were taken by the Army Signal Corps photographers, the Navy had their own dedicated photographers. The first image shows Sergeant Joseph Shere of the Army photographing a Navy crew while Captain William R. Wheeler, the Port Historian, takes notes.

Sergeant Joseph Shere photographing three Navy photographers

This is the the image that Sgt. Shere captured.

1st Class Seaman Dexter B. Alley, Ensign John R. Branch, and 2nd Class Seaman Richard L. Lowe

Another inside look at the men behind the camera is this image of two Signal Corps photographers discussing a 4×5 speed-graphic camera.

Sergeant Matthew Breyer and 1st Lieutenant John S. Weaver holding a camera

We get curious about those who actually took all of the images we have been cataloging and this was a refreshing find that provided a little insight into their world.

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