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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, into the tanks we go. . .

This week the time had come to get back into some of our larger tanks, and so tank farm season began. We were last out in the tank farm in the summer of 2014, how time flies! This summer we will be dry ice blasting all of the wrought iron artifacts that live in tank farm.

We spent this week in Tank 1, which holds copper alloy artifacts. All of the copper alloy objects, mostly pipes, were taken out the tank, examined, weighed (this helps with desalination calculations), given a brief round of flame deconcretion. By the end of week all the artifacts were back in the tank, snug as a bug in a rug, and with a freshly prepared solution.

Next week we will be on to Tank 6!

Out in the tank farm deconcreting copper alloy objects.
Elsa flame deconcreting a pipe.
Lesley cleaning out the inside of one of the larger pipes.
Kate removing some concretion mechanically.
Mike setting an artifact onto our scale.
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