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Adventures in Archaeology

This past weekend, a few of us from the Monitor Lab got to go on a grand adventure to learn about one of our favorite topics, archaeology! (Conservation of course will always be number one in my heart, but archaeology runs a close second) The Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference(MAAC) was hosted this year in Virginia Beach, and not only were we able to attend, but we were accepted to present in the conference as well.

MAAC kindly allowed staff from the Monitor Lab and some of our colleagues from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab, to form a session specifically on Archaeological Conservation. The lectures ranged from the conservation of archaeological objects, to explaining some of the science behind conservation. Kate talked about some of the many makers marks discoveries made through conservation. And below is an images of Hannah, discussing how technology can be used to bring both conservation and archaeology to the public!

Hannah discusses how archaeology and conservation are used together on the USS Monitor.

Through this conference, not only were we able to catch up with colleagues in both the conservation and archaeological worlds and find out about their ongoing projects, but we were also able to forge new ties…And spread the joy that is conservation. We were also happy to attend lectures on new research in archaeology, and learn what exciting new things are happening in the field.

Now that we’ve had our fun learning (and dressing in nice clean clothes) it’s time to get back into the wet lab. Stay tuned for updates on the condenser and the engine!

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