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And we’re off. . .

Our spring/summer season is off to a busy start. The week before going into the engine tank, we were in the condenser tank. No cleaning or disassembly took place. This draining was to perform maintenance and examine the artifact. We removed and scrubbed the anode and changed the reference electrodes. The condenser itself is in great shape. See photos below. It is now happily back under electrolytic reduction in a brand new sodium hydroxide solution.

Hannah took a ton of photos and using photogrammetry software was able to create a 3D model of the condenser. It looks fantastic. You can check it out here.

Hannah taking the photos she needs to create the 3D model.

Next week marks the beginning of our outside work. We’re going to be starting in the skeg tank first this year. All of the artifacts will come out of the tank and be dry ice blasted. After cleaning, they will all be placed back under electrolytic reduction. Then it is on to the Tank Farm! It’s going to be a long, fantastic season, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

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