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Baker Mfg. Co.’s hard wing sail (part 2)

Since May 11th we have spent a lot of time working on the stabilization of the Baker Mfg. hydrofoil’s rigid wing sail. We had to remove all of the adhesive that held the original canvas covering in place and make a few minor repairs to the structure.

The adhesive that held the original canvas in place had to be removed before we could recover it.
One of the guys at work caught me performing that last few tasks of cleaning and repair on the wing early one morning.

Yesterday Paul Porter from Packaging Systems and Solutions, Inc. came and helped us apply the Clysar covering on the wing.

This is the small trailing wing. We’re using an impulse sealer to create a “bag” around the wing.
Using a heat gun to shrink the Clysar around the wing.
We had to complete a quick repair when one of the pins holding the fabric tether between the ribs came loose.

This morning, we successfully installed the wing in the Speed and Innovation exhibition. This may be the first time in its life that the two parts of the wing have been joined together!

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