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Jeanne Willoz-Egnor

Curator of Maritime History and Culture, Director of the Ifland Center for Exploration

Latest from Jeanne Willoz-Egnor

  • Diamond Rock: A British Thorn in Napoleon’s Backside

    • Collections
    • Military

    Learn the amazing story of the British Royal Navy’s fortification and occupation of Diamond Rock, a small island off the coast of Martinique, during the Napoleonic War.

  • Every good ship captain deserves an attractive octant!

    • Collections

    Extensive research rediscovers history of Dutch ownership for a decorative English octant in the Museum’s Peter Ifland Collection.

  • Welcome to Kourou! Colony of Death

    • Art
    • Collections

    Discussion of France’s disastrous attempt to colonize French Guiana in 1763-1765.

  • Iceland and the European Floods of 1783-1784

    • Art
    • Collections
    • Science

    A look back at the 1783 eruption of the Lakagígar fissure and Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland and its effect on several European cities in the winter of 1783-1784 and the world’s climate.

  • The Flying Bridge of Bratislava

    • Collections
    • Shipbuilding

    Learn about the history, design, operation, and use of “flying bridges” – ferries propelled solely by water flow!

  • The Remarkable Mrs. Captain McGuire

    • Collections
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Women's History

    In early 2019, an East Carolina University student, Jacquelyn Hewett, studied one of the figureheads in our Collection for her American Maritime Material Culture history class. The information she uncovered was enlightening and indicated that a change in the attribution of ship name was in order. While confirming her research, I uncovered the story of a wonderfully awesome woman I thought I would share with you!

  • Yacht America Builder’s Model Donated to Mariners’

    • Collections
    • Technology

    In 1850, in an effort to demonstrate American advances in shipbuilding to the world, a group of New York yachtsmen formed a plan to send a yacht to England to race against British boats. The task of designing the boat was given to George Steers, one of New York’s leading naval architects and the designer of the port’s fastest pilot boats.

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