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The Miniature Ships of August & Winnifred Crabtree

An intricate, must-see exhibit that will bring sparkles to your eyes.

Miniture Ships

About the exhibit:

Discover the jewel of The Mariners’ Museum in The Miniature Ships of August F. and Winnifred Crabtree. From a primitive raft to a Venetian galleass decorated with 359 carved figures, the evolution of boatbuilding is depicted in an unmatched display of craftsmanship by artist/carver August F. Crabtree. With help from his wife, Winnifred, Crabtree created this extraordinary miniature fleet.

This popular exhibit includes display cases that allow up-close viewing of the models, state-of-the-art fiber optic lighting, and illustrations portraying the individual ships. A special section highlights Crabtree’s life and work using photographs and a display of his unique tools and techniques that he used to make his unparalleled models.

What you’ll experience:

  • Learn how and why August F. Crabtree turned his passion into impeccable craftsmanship.
  • See ships that influenced history and culture for thousands of years, intricately crafted in 1/48th scale. 
  • Discover a Mariners’ scavenger hunt clue within this sparkling exhibit!
Man with small ship model
August F. Crabtree

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