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The Bronze Door Society

Join us as stewards of
The Mariners’ Word-class Collection

The Bronze Door Society is the oldest, member-managed affinity group of The Mariners’ Museum and Park. This active group of Museum patrons and community leaders gather regularly throughout the year to engage with one another and participate in Museum initiatives.

Bronze Door Society Member Cynthia Katz presents a check to Mariners' team members in front of the golden Lancaster eagle figurehead.

The efforts of The Bronze Door Society are rooted in:

  • Encourage an in-depth understanding of the Museum’s collections, and library archives.
  • Support the Museum’s mission and programs by funding the acquisition, conservation, and exhibition of artifacts, works of art, and archival materials.
  • Provide educational programs and learning opportunities for the community.

The society is named for the spectacular set of maritime-themed bronze doors that were commissioned by Museum co-founder, Archer M. Huntington, and created in the early 1930’s by renowned American sculptor, Herbert C. Adams, specifically for the Museum’s original entrance.

Ms. Carole Rekrut, Chair
Mr. James R. Knight, Treasurer
Mr. Ron Lewis, Secretary

Ms. Sandra B. Armstrong
Mr. Charles M. Brooks
Mrs. Georgia S. Buxton
Mr. Avery Collins
Mrs. Judy A. Copes
Mr. Gerald S. Hanley
Mrs. Marjorie G. Holt
Mrs. Nancy E. Horgan
Mrs. Cynthia N. Katz
Mr. Stuart E. Katz
Mrs. Sandra N. Parks
Mrs. Sarah Phillips

  • Mrs. Carolyn S. Abbitt
  • Ms. Danna Alberts
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Allen III
  • Ms. Sandra B. Armstrong and Mr. Thomas Richmond
  • Mrs. Susan Berg
  • Admiral Harold Bernsen and Mrs. Bernsen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bonis
  • Drs. Bruce and Cassianne Booth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Bowen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brooks
  • Mrs. Susan C. Brooks and Mr. Daniel W. Pritchard
  • Mrs. Georgia S. Buxton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Carlson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Brad Carmines
  • Mr. William R. Carpenter III
  • Dr. William B. Cogar
  • Dr. Leslie R. Coker
  • Mr. and Mrs. John A. Collins
  • Ms. Barbara L. Contino
  • Mrs. Judy A. Copes
  • Mr. Gary Davidson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Dew
  • Dr. and Mrs. John P. Doley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Etherington
  • Mr. Lee H. Fairchild and Mrs. Ann C.S. Fairchild
  • Mrs. Martha M. Field
  • Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Fosdick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Frix
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wallace K. Garner, M.D.
  • Dr. Emmeline Gasink and Mr. Michael Gasink
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Gentry, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gilmore II
  • Mr. H. Carlyle Gravely III
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ward G. Gypson, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Hanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Hatchett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted G. Hemmert
  • Mrs. Martha R. Hightower
  • Captain Richard S. Hillyer, Ret.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Hoege III
  • Mr. Wythe W. Holt, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holt
  • Mrs. Nancy E. Horgan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kendall C. Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Katz
  • Pixie and Bob Killebrew
  • Mr. James R. Knight
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lanier
  • Dr. and Mrs. St. George T. Lee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roney W. Lewis
  • Ms. Marcia A. Liebel and Mr. Ted W. Mittler
  • Dr. John Q. A. Mattern II
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Meehan, Sr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Venner F. Milewski
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morgan II
  • Ms. Susan S. Mullally
  • Dr. Patricia A. Nahormek
  • Ms. Mary C. Nealese
  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Neff
  • Dr. Douglas L. Nelson and Dr. Susan E. Mackel
  • Mr. and Mrs. William G. Ouzts
  • Mrs. Sandra N. Parks
  • Dr. and Mrs. William F. Peach, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. James D. Penny
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Phillips, Jr.
  • Mrs. Rita G. Potter
  • Mr. John V. Quarstein
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Ragland
  • Ms. Carole L. Rekrut and Mr. Scott L. Edelman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Heinz O. P. Schiller
  • Mr. Ward R. Scull III
  • Mr. H.J. Shaw
  • Mr. and Mrs. Conway H. Sheild III
  • Mr. Howard P. Smith
  • Ms. Nan L. Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Smith
  • Mrs. Robert G. Smola
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Spaulding
  • Dr. and Mrs. John R. Stephens
  • Mrs. Martha P. Stewart
  • Dr. and Mrs. Parker Stokes
  • Mrs. Mary H. Thompson
  • Commander Richard L. Thompson, USN (Ret.) and Mrs. Easter R. Thompson
  • Dr. Joanne Trimbur and Mr. Jeffery Trimbur
  • Mr. Michael W. Turner
  • Ms. Marguerite K. Vail
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dan W. Waddill
  • Dr. and Mrs. James A. Wassum
  • Judge Christopher R. Papile and Mrs. Veronica Weymouth
  • Mrs. Virginia Fitzhugh Wilson
  • Dr. H. Alexander Wilson III and Dr. Anne Leddy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Winn
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wooldridge

Bronze Door Society Events

Annually, the Society presents The Mariners’ Sips & Trips event where the public is invited to an evening at the Museum to enjoy unlimited wine tastings and curated food pairings while exploring rarely seen artifacts and fascinating maritime stories. The proceeds of this event, along with Society members’ membership contributions, are designated to support the Museum’s work in conserving its world-class collections. 

Each October, the Society gathers for the Annual Dinner & Project Selection, where Museum team members present an array of conservation projects and funding needs. Members cast their votes at the event and provide funds for numerous projects. Since 2020, the Society has fully funded every project presented, and the Museum could not be more grateful for their commitment!

Upcoming Events:

  • Annual BDS Garden Party
    April 28, 2024
  • The Mariners’ Sips & Trips
    Presented by The Bronze Door Society
    June 22, 2024
  • Conservation Behind the Scenes
    September 26, 2024
  • The Bronze Door Society Annual
    Dinner & Project Selection
    October 18, 2024
  • President’s Reception & Evening Lecture
    November 14, 2024
  • Storytime with Santa
    Presented by The Bronze Door Society
    December 7, 2024
  • State of the Museum Breakfast
    December 14, 2024
Guests browse artifacts out on special display at The Mariners' annual Sips & Trips event.


Headshot of Ron Lewis and his wife.

The Mariners’ Museum has been a special and exciting destination for me and my family since I could walk! I was raised close by and many Sundays found my mom and dad and me gazing, always in awe, at the huge gold eagle or pushing buttons in the Great Hall of Steam. Now, I’m able to give back some of that joy by supporting the Museum as a member of The Bronze Door Society. The pleasure of joining others to leverage our gifts of support and really make a difference is indescribably satisfying. I urge you to share that pleasure and satisfaction by joining this unique institution, America’s National Maritime Museum!

Ron Lewis

Martha Field standing outside in the Mariners' South Courtyard enjoying a glass of wine with other Bronze Door members.

Over the years, The Mariners’ Museum has played a large part in my volunteer life, so when the Bronze Door Society was formed, I jumped at the chance to join. I cannot imagine a more wonderful opportunity to provide the Museum with a new item for the collection or a special fundraising event—or anything that might be needed. As a group, we not only sponsor a variety of fundraising events, but we have a wonderful time together! For us, the year culminates at our Annual Dinner, when we get the chance to vote on how to spend our money to best assist the Museum.

Martha Field

I have come to The Mariners’ Museum for over 35 years — for inspiration as a shipmodel builder. It is one of the best maritime museums in the world as I have found out in my travels. Virginia, you have a treasure. My membership in the Bronze Door Society is a great way to support this wonderful institution.

Heinz Schiller

Contact Us

For more information, contact:
Sherri Fosdick
Individual Philanthropy Officer
[email protected]
(757) 591-7730

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