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Chesapeake Bay Gallery Update

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us as we moved several of our larger objects out of the Chesapeake Bay Gallery, leaving some really large, empty spaces. We took the boats from the gallery out to our warehouse for storage. This is a big step for us in getting the gallery clear for future exhibitions. Next week we will get out the last few remaining objects, which are a steamboat mirror, 14-ton engine and large buoy.

The first to go was our Deadrise Oyster Workboat, ca 1955.

Deadrise being lifted out of the gallery
Deadrise being lifted onto a truck
Deadrise being moved into storage.

The next to go was our Menhaden Purse Seine Boat, ca 1935.

Being lifted out of the gallery
Being lifted onto the truck
Being pushed into storage

The last of our large boats to go was our Poquoson 3-log Canoe, ca 1880.

Being removed from the gallery
Being loaded onto the truck
Being moved into storage

While we were outside loading boats onto trucks, we came across a little killdeer nest with two eggs in it. One of the lovely men from the crane company coned the area off to protect the nest, although the mother is doing a fantastic job of that. We take our wildlife very seriously here.

killdeer eggs
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