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Art in the Park – Admiralty Type Anchor (DA 85)

Here I am again to talk about another one of our Art in the Park anchors, this one also sponsored by the Bronze Door Society (they have been super kind to sponsor three of our anchors!). This one is an admiralty type anchor (ca 1900-1950), which was a very popular type of anchor in the 19th century as the design was thought to be superior.

This particular anchor (seen flying in the picture above) was part of a large donation of anchors by the Baldt Anchor, Chain and Forge Division of the Boston Metals Company in 1961. A very generous donation. Like many others, this anchor was taken to Davis Boat Works where Everette Howell and others worked on blasting, cleaning and painting it for us. And we are extremely grateful to them for the help!

The image on the left shows the anchor after having been blasted, but before being hand cleaned. It looks much better than it did before, but still very rough. The image on the right shows the piece after being cleaned and with two coats of anti-corrosive applied, which is to help the piece from rusting once out in the park.

This image (the same as the one posted for DA 64 – Trotman Anchor) shows our anchor (the one in front) after having been painted, and it is definitely much better looking than before! The next step is to have the anchor returned to the museum and set up in the park where everyone will be able to enjoy it, and of course I will post about that when it happens so everyone can see the final project.

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