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Art in the Park – Trotman Anchor (DA 84)

It’s time to talk about another one of our Artifact in the Park objects, a Trotman Anchor (ca 1857-1890) sponsored by The Bronze Door Society (a big thank you to them!). This anchor was one of several donated in 1961 to us by Baldt Anchor, Chain and Forge Division of The Boston Metals Company. It gets its name from John Trotman, who patented this particular type of anchor in 1852. This particular anchor was made by Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd. of Netherton, England, a company that was involved with creating the anchors used by RMS Titanic and RMS Lusitania.

Above is the anchor being taken from our trailer into Davis Boat Works, as this was another one that they and Everette Howell from Coastal Cleaning LLC worked on. There is no way that we would have ever been able to work on these as fast as they have been, which is a big help in keeping up with the project.

Above is the anchor after having been blasted, cleaned and covered with two coats of anti-corrosive to protect it from the elements. It would have taken us at least a week to get to this point, probably more.

Above shows the anchor (the one in back) after receiving a coat of polyurethane finish, which makes it look shiny and nice! After a few coats of paint, this one will be ready to return to the museum and put in the park. As the work continues on this project, we will keep you updated, especially when we get to the point where some of them are finally put out in the park. I can’t wait for that day!

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