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Flying sailboat

This year has certainly been a big one for moving our large objects. This time it is our 37′ sloop, La Nube (which means ‘the cloud’), ca 1972. La Nube was donated to us in 2000 by Ann W. Host in memory of her father, Captain H. Cordie Weart, USN retired. Preparation for the move took quite awhile. First we had to put up a large image of a water scene at sunset (which is incredibly beautiful!) on the wall behind where the boat was going. I’m sure our visitors were wondering what the purpose of that piece was since it was out there for several weeks before the boat joined it. Then, our Chief Curator and some of his small craft volunteers spent time cleaning and painting the boat to get her all spiffy for her debut. Finally, on the 8th we moved her out to the courtyard where she would complement and help beckon people inside the International Small Craft Center. Watching La Nube get lifted over the building by Hampton Roads Crane and Rigging was quite a sight to see. It’s not often (or ever) that we get to see a flying sailboat! Below are some pictures from the move.

The beautiful image on the wall, before the boat is moved

The set of images above show Hampton Roads Crane and Rigging lifting La Nube from the fenced area where she had resided for a number of years onto the truck so she could be moved to her new home. Because the courtyard isn’t very large, she had to be lifted over the building and into the clouds, or at least that’s what the second picture makes it look like. It was a very interesting (and unique) sight to see, and a great number of the staff came to check it out.

The above images show the boat being gently lowered down to her new home and then our Chief Curator and Hampton Roads Crane and Rigging Staff getting her mast and boom properly placed.

Above you can see La Nube all set into place. We aren’t quite done with her yet though. We are having text panels made up that will go out in front to explain the history of the boat. There is also some more work to be done with cleaning it, but at least we’ve got the hardest part over and done with! So come on out and see our new display!

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