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Way Back Wednesdays

It’s time again for our Way Back Wednesday photos showing how the museum and park used to look. I feel very privileged that I am able to wade through these photos and get a glimpse into the museum’s past, which in some cases has been very interesting. So enjoy!

This first photo shows a group in the park visiting our rock garden (that seems to be suspiciously void of many rocks) in August of 1938. To the right of the group is our statue Shouting Boy that was carved by Harriet Randolph Hyatt Mayor, sister of Anna Hyatt Huntington (the museum’s founder’s wife). For awhile the statue was out on Kettle Pond, but it had to be taken down after numerous attacks by vandals. Currently a reproduction of the statue can be seen in our courtyard.

Above you can see a group of equestrians on the trail in 1938. While it might seem very strange now, the museum created bridle trails along various parts of the property and a local woman, Mrs. Shade, gave horse-back riding lessons. The bridle trails are long gone and horses are no longer allowed on the trail.

Fishing has always been a popular activity on Lake Maury, as shown by these two gentlemen who made a pretty nice catch in the 1970’s. For those who wish to fish on the lake these days, you can check out our Boat Rental Webpage for information and details.

This last picture shows troops from Ft. Eustis marching past the main entrance after visiting the museum in January of 1943. Being so close to so many military bases has allowed us to have a good relationship with the military, especially the Navy and the Coast Guard.

Check us again next month for more Way Back Wednesday photos!

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