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How to wrap your eagle

In preparation for some changes coming to our main lobby space, we had to wrap our Lancaster Eagle figurehead this morning.

We had to wrap the not so little fella because work is being done to the wall behind him for our soon to come exploration theater. There will be a nice mural featuring various explorers behind him, which I am looking forward to seeing. I have talked about the eagle before on the blog, but I will give some brief background information on him again. He was carved in 1880/1881 by famous carver John Haley Bellamy for the ship USS Lancaster. The eagle is 10′ tall with a 19’4″ wingspan and weighs about 3200 pounds. This is one of our prized collection pieces and is incredibly fragile, so we have to take extreme caution when any work is to be done in the lobby around it.

In the above pictures you can see the eagle wrapped in plastic and the carpet behind ripped off to make way for the mural. Because the eagle cannot be moved, these are the precautions we have to take. we have gotten a lot of baster bag jokes so far. Haha! The work on the mural was to be done tomorrow, but with possible snowpocalypse two upon us, we will see. Hopefully it won’t take too long so we can get the eagle out for people to see.

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