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Between the States – New temporary exhibition

Across from the entrance to our Ironclad Revolution gallery a temporary exhibition opened up this past Saturday. It’s titled Between the States: Photographs of the American Civil War and was put together (and owned by) the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. As stated on their website, this exhibition “presents a selection of facsimile photographs of historical Civil War sites and circumstances by photographers including George Barnard, Mathew Brady, and Alexander Gardner.”

You enter through a doorway meant to give you the feeling of entering one of the tents in the picture displayed ahead of you. This opens up to the rest of the gallery, showcasing photos of generals as well as the everyday soldier, giving an interesting perspective. Warning for those who might get a little queasy, there are some images with deceased soldiers. The Civil War was the first war where photography was available to display the horrors of war, and people were obsessed by it, even though a lot of the images (including those with deceased soldiers) were staged.

In the center of the exhibition is a display case with numerous images of General Lee (photo on the left) from youth to old age. The other two photos show different sides of the gallery where you can find images showcasing various scenes from the war. For anyone who has an interest in the Civil War this exhibition is a definite must see. But don’t wait too long as it will only be up until April 27.

For more information you can check out our page HERE. On the page is also information on a Pinhole Camera Workshop that the museum will be holding on April 12 (must register by April 4).

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