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Posters, part 4

A couple of months ago I shared images of posters in our collection. Photographing all of the posters is one of my goals this year as I know that we have some pretty fantastic ones and it would be great to have updated photographs of all of them. When the project is completed, the photos will be entered into our database where they will be available to anyone searching our collection online. I’ve recently been able to work on the project again, so I thought I would share some more posters!

All three of these posters were hung at the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company to encourage employees to work hard and aid the war effort. I particularly love the two Christmas posters because who doesn’t want war bonds for Christmas?

The first one here also came from the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company and was encouraging carpooling to help during the gas shortage. The second poster appealed to me because I love music and am from a family of musicians. The poster dates from about 1918 and it is interesting to see that they were trying to get people to donate instruments to help keep the military happy. Music can be soothing to the soul. The third poster is from WWII and was done by artist Tom Woodburn. I find the imagery of Uncle Sam on this piece to be very eye-catching and I can see how it would appeal to Americans’ patriotism.

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