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Way Back Wednesdays

This first picture shows construction on the Gibbs Gallery in 1971. It was built to commemorate the achievements of William Francis Gibbs, probably best know for designing and supervising the building of SS United States. In 1922, he and his brother, Frederic Herbert Gibbs began the company that would eventually become known as Gibbs & Cox.

Here we have the Junior League of Hampton Roads in 1961 who acted as tour guides for our visitors. And behind them is our beautiful eagle figurehead from USS Lancaster.

This shows the James River Juried Annual Art Exhibition in 1968, which was presented by the museum and hosted by the Junior League of Hampton Roads. We used to have quite a few of these at the museum in the 60’s and 70’s, but not as much anymore. Although we did host a community show this past summer.

Our last picture is again of the Junior League of Hampton Roads, in their capacity as tour guides, sitting in our Poquoson 3-log canoe. This boat was on display for twenty years until about a year ago, when we took down our Chesapeake Bay exhibition. We also no longer allow people to sit in boats like that, even for photo ops as it can damage the boat.

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