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Posters, part 8

Thought it was time to share some more posters, so here we go. The first one is from the 1960’s and encourages young people to stay in school. As for the second poster, it was an effort to save the old USS Oregon. The ship was scrapped in the 50’s, but pieces of it remain in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland Oregon, including the mast. The third is a recruiting poster ca 1917 by artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker.

The first poster in this set is also WWI and encourages people to buy victory notes. The second is WWII by artist Allen Saalburg and works at encouraging patriotism by reminding people of the lives lost in the Pearl Harbor disaster. The third is also WWII (1944) and stands as a reminder that Americans were also fighting on the Pacific front, not just in Europe where the fighting was coming to a close. It was done by artist P. Kolada

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