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Fun Fact Friday

St. Paul figurehead, ca 1875-1900

Fun Fact: After our figurehead of St. Paul was purchased in 1934 and began the journey to the museum, he got in a little bit of trouble. To travel he was placed inside of the luggage compartment in a small Ford runabout. As the roads were rather bumpy, the lid of the compartment opened enough for other motorists to see parts of Paul. Apparently people thought that the buyers were carrying a dead body and the the police were alerted. Next thing our buyers knew, they had police pull them over and surround them once stopped. They had to get out of the car and show the police that it was just a figurehead they were carrying and nothing sinister.

Years later Paul once again got into a little bit of trouble. He and many other figureheads were attached to the walls in our Great Hall and one of the trustees asked that Paul (whose right arm is extended and pointing) be moved because of where he was pointing. It just so happened that Paul was directly across from our beautiful, but busty and topless mermaid. So Paul was moved and a Victorian lady was put into his place across from the mermaid.

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