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Way Back Wednesday

In 1998, we sent our Dutch Tjotter to the Netherlands for restoration work. This image shows it upon its return. The boat was built ca 1913 by Van der Werff Brothers in Sneek, Friesland, Netherlands. It is currently on display in our International Small Craft Center.

This image shows a group of Steiff animals in a Noah’s Ark display in 1970. We have several Noah’s Ark sets in the collection, from toys to dioramas.

As we have so many large and heavy objects, moving artifacts by crane or forklift is a fairly regular affair around here. Being moved in this photograph is a 6-pound British Naval Cannon ca 1756-1781. This was one of many artifacts that were pulled from the York River in the 1930’s.

Here we have another cannon that was recovered from the York River being displayed. It looks as though the other objects in the case may also be recovered items, making for an interesting display in the 1930’s.

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