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Way Back Wednesdays

Today’s Way Back photos take us to the early days of this park. This image (from June 19, 1934) shows the house where our fantastic librarian, Cerinda Evans, lived. The house was owned by the museum. Cerinda was our first librarian and, by all accounts, an incredibly smart woman. She wrote a number of books, including a biography of Shipyard founder, Collis Potter Huntington.

Going back to June 20, 1930, this shows the museum farm, on the property that is now Riverside Hospital. The idea of maintaining a working farm was abandoned by 1935.

This shows the barn that was on the museum property after it was restored, January 19, 1933. Although the farm could have been an interesting piece tot he museum, it didn’t necessarily fit with the mission statement.

I’ve shared this picture or similar ones before, but it’s always interesting to see how much the park changed. This is Watts Creek before we built the dam and flooded it to become Lake Maury. On the left side of the creek is the Robeson House, which was later demolished for the Anna Huntington’s “Conquering the Wild” Statue.

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