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34th America’s Cup Trivia Contest- Race 12

From this point on, Oracle must win every race. This is the second attempt to run Race 12. The first time it was canceled 15 seconds before the start.

Day 9, Race 12, Leg 3

In the pre-start, Spithill hooked Barker 20 seconds before the gun which forced ETNZ to tack away from the starting line. Oracle extended a 5-second lead to 110-meters on the first downwind leg. On Leg 3, the upwind leg that had been Oracle’s downfall in earlier races, they showed off their new upwind foiling ability. The gap between the two boats heading into Leg 4 was 200 meters which Oracle quickly cranked up to 400 meters. Just to make certain they won, they cranked it up another notch to over 500 meters. Race 12 was an impressive win for Oracle and it brought the score to 8 to 2. They only needed seven more races to win the cup!

Oracle Team USA fulling foiling upwind on Leg 3 during Race 12

Here is today’s trivia question:

Race 12: What was Oracle’s top speed on Leg 3? For extra credit, what was Oracle’s average speed on Leg 3?

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