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34th America’s Cup Trivia Contest- Races 6 and 7

In Race 6 Spithill again did a good job blocking Barker and getting to the starting line first giving Oracle an 8-second lead by the reaching mark. Unfortunately OTUSA-17 just wasn’t fast enough and their maneuvers were slow which allowed ETNZ to stay close–the delta rounding the gate after Leg 2 was just 12 seconds. Despite close racing on Leg 3, with both boats experiencing ducking under the other at crossings, ETNZ’s speed and tactics allowed them to move ahead and build a 200-meter lead before rounding the mark for Leg 4. Race 6 ends with New Zealand in the lead by about 500 meters. The delta between the two boats at the finish was 47 seconds.

Photographer Jan Pehrson

In Race 7 things don’t go well for either team at the start but New Zealand manages to build a whopping 2-second lead as they head for Leg 1. Oracle stays close and the delta at the next mark is only 7 seconds, but the upwind leg yet again proves to be Oracle’s downfall and New Zealand pretty much runs away with the race. The finish delta between the two boats was 1:06. ENZ only needed three more races to win the series.

Here are today’s trivia questions:

Race 6: What change did OTUSA make after Race 5 and what was the immediate, noticeable impact of the change on board the boat?

Race 7: What major design change did OTUSA institute after this race that affected the outcome of the entire series? [There are actually four. I am only looking for the one that had the greatest effect, but if you can name all of them I’ll give you a few extra points!]

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